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The puppets

Kirsten designs and makes all puppets in her studio.
It is especially the hand puppets with which she likes to perform.
With these characters it is possible to make very direct movements and therefore to be able to express a lot.


The chicken

Made from a bent tube frame.
The head, sculpted with a lightweight type of clay, is attached to a long, very flexible neck: It is often nice when an animal in the puppet theater is not anatomically executed correctly, but looks a bit different!


The monkey 

The head of this puppet was inspired by the characteristic head of a young chimpanzee.
The base is Styrofoam. The nose is made of a ping pong ball and the eyebrows of foam rubber.
Many thin layers of shredded paper smeared with wood glue have been pasted over this.
Our monkey has become a real showmaster with his glittery jacket and plays the host of our theater!